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Clocking Off

Exhibition Piece: In the foreground of this photograph, Fred Coulson, Head Caretaker at Impington Village College, is being presented with a gift from John Brackenbury, Warden, on his retirement in 1973. They are accompanied by the rest of the faculty.

By Robert Campbell, Principal; IVC

IVC has been blessed by the input of so many members of staff over the years.  It seems fairly obvious to say but the quality of a school can only ever be as high or as good as the quality of the staff who work there.

The fact that IVC is so highly considered is a direct tribute to all those who have worked here, whether for a short term or whether it was for the bulk of their working lives, as in the case of Fred Coulson who was a wonderful servant of the College for 34 years.  Although that seems an incredible length of time, it’s not even exceptional for IVC.  Paul Gluza, who can be seen in the 1977 school photo, is still very much part of the IVC team.  Terry Moore, first worked at IVC as a groundsman in 1966 and only finally retired last year, in 2013.  These are incredible associations and working lives, but they underline the kind of place IVC has been.  What these stories and others similar show though is the importance of anyone’s contribution, regardless of their specific role.  Our college needs the input of everyone, whether it’s a teacher in a class, a member of the support staff working in an office or a groundsperson tending the site and helping it bloom for the benefit of all who come here.

The word ‘college’ itself comes from the Latin, collegium, and described a body bound together by a set of rules and for me it perfectly conjures up the image of a special group of people who are united by a desire to make one place the very best it can be.  So for everyone who has worked at IVC, no matter the length of service or role, we salute and thank you.