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Jubilee Vase

Exhibition Piece: This vase has recently been repaired by Graham McGregor, Head of Art. It is a dark, ceramic artefact made for the 25th Anniversary of Impington Village College by an unknown artist.

A number of items were produced to mark the 50th anniversary of Impington Village College, but to celebrate the earlier 25th occasion, this vase was created.  It was only fitting that this was included because of its place within the arts of Impington Village College and because it is an unusual object with no known provenance. Over the years, the vase had acquired some slight wear, so the item has now been repaired, and takes a place among the other 74 pieces in the exhibition.

If you remember the vase being made, donated or on show during your time here, please get in touch.  Also let us know if you were the artist, or helped in the creation of it, because we would very much like to add more information to this piece and add to the heritage of IVC.  

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