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Wash Fountain

Exhibition Piece: This photograph shows the wash fountain that was a feature in both boys and girls bathrooms at the College from 1939. It shows a boy working the fountain by pressing his foot on pressure pads on the base of the fountain and then water being released into the basin.

An unusual memory of an item that keeps re-emerging from tales by past students is that of the wash basin fountain.  This was a fixture found in the bathrooms of both the girls and boys toilets.

It was considered as quite an exciting piece of equipment, reported as both “beautiful and practical”, and another example of modernism within Impington Village College.  Those who studied here in the first year remember the fountain; therefore it seems to have been an original design feature from 1939.  Unfortunately, it has not been documented as to when or why it was removed.  We do know however, that someone is now using one of the fountains as a garden planter in the village (see images below).

The fountain was operated by foot pressure, which cut out water wastage from taps that may otherwise have been left running.  It was also very hygienic, as well as being a space saving contraption.

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