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i75 Ale

Exhibition Piece: i75 ale is the creation of Lord Conrad’s brewery with the help of a team of local enthusiasts. 400 bottles of this limited edition brew are on sale throughout the anniversary celebrations.

To mark the 75th Anniversary of Impington Village College, the Parents, Staff and Friends Association of IVC has commissioned a special brew called the i75 ale.  Working with local micro-brewery Lord Conrad's, local ale enthisiasts paid to be part of the creation and brewing teams to make this project happen.

In July Kris, Peter, Rhian and Simon joined expert brewer Jon to create the recipe for the new ale.  Jon worked with the group to discuss the ingredients and craftsmanship in order to make decisions about the i75 ale.  The group chose the grains, ABV, colour, hops and beer style.  The final recipe includes hops from Germany, malts from Cambridgeshire, and further hops from the USA.  Interestingly, these choices mirror the journey that Walter Gropius, architect of IVC, took in the 1930s when he fled Nazi Germany for England, and then moved to America.

In August it was the turn of the brewing team to visit Lord Conrad's.  Conor, Faye, Ian, Jon, Martin, Rob and Simon spent the day going through the complete brewing process including the weighing out the ingredients and understanding their properties, creation of alcohol, brewing and clean down (along with some obligatory sampling!).

A preview tasting event is set for Friday 12 September, when those involved and members of the public have the opportunity to sample the new i75 ale for the first time.  

Bottles of i75 ale are on sale to the public during the 75th Anniversary Celebrations.  The beer is a limitted addition with just 400 bottles.  Any profit made from the project will go to the Parents, Staff and Friends Association try support the restoration programme.