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Community Art Exhibition

Exhibition Piece: The artworks hanging along this section are a selection of pieces that the College has purchased from local artists using a fund first established in 1959. The paintings and prints show a variety of styles from abstract to representational.

From 1959 to the present day, works of art by local artists and former students have been displayed at an annual exhibition held at Impington Village College.  Until 2003, a piece was bought by the college every year and installed somewhere around the site.

In 1961, one of the first works to be purchased was a piece called ‘The Old Orchard’ by Mervyn Rowe who was a former pupil and struggling artist.  The exhibition was actually set up for the purpose to help promote the talents of aspiring painters and sculptors.  In 1968, the bronze ‘Warriors Head’ by Michael Gillespie was acquired through the exhibition, and Gillespie continued to help plan the exhibitions for a number of years.  The event attracted artists from across East Anglia, and drew a large audience the 5 days that the exhibition was open.

Today the exhibition has evolved and is now supported by the Parents, Staff and Friends Assoication of Impington Village College.  The show takes place in February half term and artists in a variety of disciplines are invited to exhibit and sell their work.  The exhibition raises funds for the Parents, Staff and Friends Association, a registered charity who offer grants to support special projects and activities within the College community.

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