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Exhibition Piece: The 140 lockers that line the promenade space are all original interior features of Impington Village College. The restoration work has returned the lockers to their earliest blue/grey colour. This is just one part of the continual restoration and protection programme.

Impington Village College is a Grade 1 listed building.  This means that the architecture and original features are significantly important to its history and heritage.  Listed building status for the college was submitted through a report in 1971.  

Grade 1 buildings are of exceptional interest, and often considered to be internationally important; only 2.5% of all listed buildings are Grade 1.  As a result, if any changes want to be made to the fabric of the structure, a listed buildings consent form must be consulted and approved by the local historic environment office.  A conservation officer and county archaeologist are likely to be involved with the process too, to ensure that codes of practice are followed and that no harm comes to the historic building or archaeology on site.  The general principles for listed building selection as dictated by English Heritage include:

  • Age and rarity
  • Aesthetic merits
  • Selectivity
  • National interest

Impington Village College is celebrated as a building of international significance, recieving visitors from all over the world.  The listed building status of Impington Village College means that the cost of repairs and restoration work is much more greater than normal.  In 2008 a Historic Buildings Appraisal was completed which identified the original features of significant and drew attention to the deterioration of the building.  In 2012 the Village College started work on a restoration plan, making funding applications to enable stage 1 of the restoration work.  In September 2014 visitors will see the results of the first stage of work including repairs to the front elevation, interior and windows.  One of the many interior features marked as of “very high significance” in the Historic Buildings Appraisal in 2008 are the college lockers.  These are very simple, square storage spaces, with the doors painted blue/grey, and are an original fixture of the promenade.  There are now 140 lockers lining the prom space, but each individual one used to be split into two, creating an original total of 280 lockers.  The lockers have been restored to their original colour which can be seen in the exhibition.

The Gropius Restoration Project continues as there are many areas of the building still in need of attention.  Securing funding to enable the next stage of work is a challenge for the College.  If you are able to help please support the Gropius Restoration Pledge.