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Exhibition Piece: This mirror represents the dance studio at Impington Village College. It is one of a variety of mirrors used to reflect student's performances back at themselves to allow critical assessment. It is a simple, small mirror used most easily to practice facial expressions.

By Natalie Halliday, Co-ordinator of Dance IB Course; IVC

The dance studio at IVC is the only room with walls covered in mirrors.  The only room in the college where students of all ages are constantly encouraged to look carefully at themselves and their bodies in the mirror and critically assess what they see.  The mirrors are an extension of our teaching and learning.  They enable our students to be independent in their learning and learn about their bodies.  The mirrors are a reflection of themselves and they have to learn to look deep within themselves in order to dance and to perform.  The mirrors are a symbol of reflection.  We constantly strive to reflect professional practice and the mirrors allow our students to strive to achieve this.