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1924 Memorandum

Exhibition Piece: This important document is Henry Morris' memorandum outlining his vision for the Village Colleges in Cambridgeshire. Morris presented the memorandum to government in 1925. This is believed to be the only original copy in existence.

Henry Morris’ ethos of a community college still remains important to the principles of Impington Village College today.  As the Secretary of Education in Cambridgeshire from 1922, Morris began to formulate and set out his idea for the “revolutionary concept...the Village College”.   Presented to the Education Committee in 1924, then approved and published in 1925, the Memorandum is one of the most important documents for English education in the 20th Century.

Extract from “Henry Morris: The Cambridgeshire Village Colleges and Community Education” by David Rooney

“He (Morris) then launched into one of his main themes, that the English education system was town based and operated to the detriment of the countryside.  The scholarship system made it worse, and created a situation which made it urgent to recast the whole of rural education.

He proposed to establish a Village College in the larger villages, to take pupils aged eleven to fifteen, which would be linked to primary schools in the smaller villages, for children from five to eleven.  Henry believed that his planned Village College would attract better qualified teachers and would develop a system of education suited to the countryside….The Village College would become a thriving community centre for the whole neighbourhood, and would largely overcome the division between provision by parish, district and county councils.”