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Leavers Box

Exhibition Piece: This piece contains different items linked to past students school years. Leavers books, annuals and registers can be found within, reminding of college days through photographs, names and events.

Impington Village College has brought together a variety of archive material of Leavers memorabilia.  This includes leavers registers, books, and annuals.  Please have a look through to see what you can find from your years at IVC - maybe a forgotten friend or class mate, or an event or trip that you took part in.

To quote John Parr:

" If they leave hating the place, with the feeling, "Thank goodness that's over," then we have failed."

If you have anything you would like to add to the collection, please share it during the anniversary weekend. In addition, if you have a story or memory that you think others would like to read, please post a note on the Telling Tales message board.

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