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A Trip to the Battlefields

Exhibition Piece: An installation made by the humanities department, influenced by their recent trip to the battlefields. It comprises of a large log and sandbags, with additions of postcards written by the Year 9 students who reflect on their time in Belgium and France.

By Jackie Berry, Humanities; IVC

The Year 9 students went on a Battlefields Trip in March 2014.  They visited memorials, museums and trenches.  Some of the students recorded their reflections of their visit onto postcards; a few of these are included in the Installation for the 75 Pieces exhibition.  There are also postcards and letters from soldiers reflecting on their experiences during the war.  This combines to bring perspectives on the past as well as the present.

In term time, an Activities Week is planned where the faculty are having a WW1 Day for Year 8.  Work will then be displayed in the lobby of the faculty.  Furthermore, there will be a CSI Day for Year 10.

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