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Sports Centre

Exhibition Piece: In 1989, new plans were established for a Sports Centre to be built as part of the Impington Village College complex. The fundraising note details all the proposed plans for the extension, and how it will benefit the community and students.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Impington Village College in 1989, plans were developed to further enhance the community appeal of the site.  This came in the form of improving the sports and leisure facilities.  A pamphlet was produced to inform the area on the upcoming changes and to persuade people to use the new amenities when they had been completed.

The aim was to build a new indoor pool and add a multi-purpose sports hall, with squash courts, and leisure and games areas. It was built in five phases from 1989-91:

  1. Swimming Pool and Changing Area
  2. New Multi-Purpose Hall
  3. Community Rooms, Lounges and Upgraded Youth Centre
  4. Squash Courts
  5. External All Weather Sports Pitch

Now, the sports facilities are a major part of community and student life at the college and this exhibition piece acknowledges their contribution to Impington’s history.

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