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Telling Tales

Exhibition Piece: Write down any tale, secret, story or memory from days at Impington Village College onto a postcard. Include a name or remain anonymous. Then post it through our admissions box where it will then be pinned up for other people to share in.

Were you ever the culprit of a prank at school?  Did someone else get blamed or punished instead of you?  Have you got a memory or story about your time at college that you would like to share?

School days are full of telling tales, having fun and getting up to mischief.  In our exhibition, you now have the opportunity to fess up!  You can remain anonymous or add your name if you think it is time to come clean.

Even if you do not have a guilty secret or tale from your time at Impington Village College, we would still love to hear about any memories you have of your time here.  So grab a postcard, write down your story or “tale”, and post it through our admissions box to reveal all.