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The Urn

Exhibition Piece: A large, free-standing urn sits outside Impington Village College. It is a round object which rests on a flat circular base. There are no decorations adorning the smooth surfaces, only the remains of six metal rods can be seen on the upper lip. It also has a fairly shallow well.

At the front of Impington Village College, with the backdrop of Gropius Hall, is a large urn.  The origin of this artefact is unknown, but there have been a number of interpretations from local residents as to where it came from.

Reports and comments from people in the area have stated that it was a part of the landscaped park and gardens of Impington Hall, which were completed under the ownership of Charles Bamford in the late 1860s.  This urn may have been a large garden planter that displayed luscious, colourful flowers and shrubs that would have enhanced the appearance and grandeur of the hall.  Interestingly though, there are remains of metal rods that can be seen on the top lip of the urn.  This could highlight that there was an upper section to the urn which is now missing or destroyed, or could it suggest a different use for the urn?  Was the metal simply added to reinforce its construction?

Further questions include:

  • How did the urn arrive at the front of Impington Village College?
  • Why and when, was it moved here?
  • Who moved it?

All of the above remain unanswered, but if you, a relative or a friend, have any information or theories on this impressive artefact, please let us know.