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Craftsman's Guild

Exhibition Piece: The two objects for this piece have been made by the members of the Craftsman’s Guild. This small wooden table and vase have been fashioned with skill and attention to the shape and grain of the wood, as well as ensuring they have a smooth and even finish.

By David Ife; Craftman's Guild

The IVC Craftsman’s Guild was founded in 1946 and at its inception, the constitution was formed.  In its early days, potential new members had to be voted in after examples of his (no lady members then!!) woodworking skills had been studied.

Luckily, since then, there have been many changes.  Today, the only requirement to becoming a member is an enthusiasm to make items in wood.

We are a mixed group of hobbyists meeting in the woodwork room at the college.  The evenings are run on an informal basis without teaching, but with mutual help and advice from members.  Items made in the past few years have included furniture, toys, games and ornamental items, some made on the woodlathes.  There is a wide range of both hand and power tools for the group to use.

We meet on Thursdays from about 7pm to 9pm during the autumn and spring terms.

If you are interested and maybe join us, please ring either David on 01223 232542 or Chris on 01954 260790.

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