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Exhibition Piece: A steel sculpture of a little boy and his dog created and donated to Impington Village College by local artist Tony Hillier. The sculpture is made up of many pieces of steel shaped, riveted and bent together in order to create a life-like form.

By Faye Morrissey, Cultural Heritage Assistant; IVC

Tony Hillier is a local artist who creates pieces of work using metal to form large sculptures.  The sculpture which is part of the 75 Pieces exhibition, along with three other works found within the college grounds, were donated by Hillier as he does not actually sell any of his own creations.

The little boy and his dog is a very endearing sculpture that captures the essence of friendship between people and animals.  It is plain to see the love and affection conveyed in the sculpture from the way that the boy is leaning over the dog, looking down adoringly.  In turn, the animated nature of the animal is portrayed through the elevated tail and positioning across the little boy’s lap.  Hillier has quite clearly encapsulated a moment in time which can easily be understood by everyone.

Tony Hillier’s steel works are mostly comprised of creatures, and fairy-tale like beings.  Particular features tend to be emphasised more than others, for example feet, eyes, and lips.  As a former lecturer, he wanted to engage not only with adults, but with children also.  This is why the sculptures take on this cartoon quality, and he encourages people to interact with the artworks because they are not simply to be looked at and admired, but to be “crashed, banged and walloped” by all.

Living in Histon, his garden is open to the public and is full of new sculptures which are regularly updated and changed.

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