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Visitors from Near and Far

Exhibition Piece: A visitor’s book that displays the names, dates and countries of people who came to view Impington Village College throughout the years. This is another example of the College’s international significance. The book is open on the page when Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry returned in 1961.

Since the opening of Impington Village College there has been a record of all the visitors that have been to view the site.  The visitors books contains a variety of individual’s names from the regular trips to the college by the Chairman of Governors, to one off visits by people from New Zealand, the USA, Nigeria and many more.

Perhaps the most important signatures to appear in the book that is on display are those of Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry, the architects of Impington Village College.  They returned in 1961, 22 years after the college first opened.