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From the Beginning

Exhibition Piece: The log books contain remarks from the wardens of Impington Village College for each week of the year. There are a variety of issues entered, including the success of productions and events. Log books at IVC date till 1967.

School log books were an extremely important source to be kept and used by the head teachers of schools since the 1870 Forster’s Education Act.  An entry had to be made at least once a week to report on daily school life, attendance, illness and any other significant acts.  This was because a school inspector would regularly check that they were being used effectively.

Here is an extract from the very first entry in the log book from 1939:

September 13th 1939

“The Village College, Impington was opened today – a week later than originally intended owing to the outbreak of war…  Trenches are being constructed in the grounds by the Royal Engineers, which when completed will provide protection for the whole school.  The following arrangements have been made for immediate protection in case of an air raid:

  1.       Instructions have been issued to parents and scholars, staff and caretakers
  2.       First aid supplies and some fire fighting appliances have been provided
  3.       In the event of an air raid classes will walk quietly to their positions

A practice was held and all forms were in their correct positions in under two minutes.”

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