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Rudeness, Cheek and Silly Behaviour

Exhibition Piece: The punishment book stores evidence of all the misdeeds and offences of children at Impington Village College in the 1940s. Reprimands often comprise of strikes on the hand or cheeks.

Nowadays, schools deal with misconduct and bad behaviour of their students in very different ways to how they did during the mid 20th century.  At Impington Village College, we are fortunate enough to still have the original punishment books with all the records of who did what, and how it was disciplined – often by cane or ruler.  Here are just a few examples:

11th May 1944

“…uncontrolled behaviour in cloakrooms…”

“…2 strokes on hand…”

26th November 1954

“…disobedience to a teacher and refusal to bend over for proper punishment…”

“…one smack on each cheek…”

27th January 1956

“…rudeness to a lady teacher (disobedience)…”

“…25 strokes on hand…”

15th June 1961

“…barking in singing lesson…”

“…4 on seat…”

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