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Fight for it Now

Exhibition Piece: The large poster exhibited was produced as part of a series by the British Government in 1942. It shows an image of a classroom at Impington Village College surrounded by a destroyed building with remains of education materials. This symbolises a new dawn for English education.

This poster was one of a series produced by the British Government as propaganda in 1942.  There were three posters in the series created by Graphic Designer Abram Games which were published by the 'Army Bureau of Current Affairs'.  The posters were designed to illustrate the main themes of the developing conversation, from 1941 onwards, about how Britain would look after WW2.

The themes of the posters were Education, Health and Housing.  Games chose to show exemplars of the forms of modern architecture associated with these themes.  Impington Village College was chosen as it had only recently been built and was part of a new vision for education in the country.  The image features what are now the languages classrooms.

The three posters in the series show:

  • Education - Impington Village College, Cambridgeshire - Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry
  • Health - Finsbury Health Centre, Finsbury - Lubetkin and Tecton
  • Housing - Kensal House, Ladbroke Grove - Maxwell Fry