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Impington Music Society

Exhibition Piece: A minute book of society meetings and a selection of concert programme cards from 1980-2006. It details discussions of what performances will occur in the upcoming recitals, and the styles of music to be played.

By Pat Labistour, Treasurer; Impington Music Society

The Society is as old as Impington Village College.  There are no records of the activities during the war, but we do know that in 1946 it was thriving with a membership of 84.  Some concerts cost as much as 3 shillings.  At one time, trips to other events and joint ventures with other groups were taken.

Apart from a break of one year in 1951, the Society has provided highly enjoyable concerts until the present day.  The final one of the last season, a Charity concert was a huge success.  (On this occasion the standard tickets cost £8!). 

The Brackenbury Room (named after former Warden John Brackenbury) is a delightful venue.  Our informal concerts include music from baroque to jazz, and solos to full orchestras.  We encourage youngsters and are proud to follow their careers in music.

In 2008 we realised that we could no longer invite high quality musicians due to the poor state of our original piano.  The Committee of the day committed to raise the funds to purchase a new Concert Grand piano.  Although a daunting task, the fundraising target was achieved within one year thanks to support from parents, IVC Music Department, South Cambs District Council, the Chivers family, Histon Feast Committee, and a very generous donation from Girton Town Charity. 

Today our piano is enjoyed both by our performers and also senior students of the College.

If you are interested in joining the society please contact Pat on 01954 201535 or for a programme detailing our forthcoming concerts contact Ann on 01223 514135.

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