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Pashley Mobility Trike

Exhibition Piece: A red tricycle used by students who attend the Pavilion at Impington Village College. It symbolises inclusion and development for those children who need additional help and support. The trike has thus been chosen to represent the Pavilion in the 75 Pieces exhibition.

By Sharonne Horlock, SENCO; IVC

Stephan Farffler (1633 – 1689) was the German inventor of the first self-propelled three-wheeled wheelchair, a precursor to modern-day trikes.  Stephan was either a paraplegic or amputee who aspired to maintain his mobility, and he succeeded.

Mobility is a key.  Mobility represents travel, a journey, a pathway but is so much more.  Mobility ensures freedom to choose, and offers inclusion and participation.  Mobility encourages ambition and perseverance.  Mobility enables achievement. 

Students, like Stephan Farffler, are uniquely individual with different needs, dreams and desires.  The Pashley trike is a distinctive and practical hand built vehicle, but it also symbolises the moral and ethical truth of inclusion; the right to belong, contribute and embrace the challenge of choice.

The Pashley trike embodies the ethos of the Pavilion that stands proudly in the centre of the Village College site.  The Pavilion is a purpose built accommodation, supporting the physical and medical needs of students with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disability) so that they are able to participate as fully as possible in the life of the college.  Specialist equipment and resources mean that the Pavilion can offer alternative curricular activities and therapies tailored to each individual student.

The Pavilion proudly resonates independence, inclusion and inspiration, ambition, aspiration and achievement. 

Pashley Mobility Bike